Time is money – especially in the project business sector.
While we speed up the process, you implement more projects.

The success of infrastructure and real estate projects and financing transactions depends on careful planning, professional realisation and the ongoing coordination of all parties involved. As an experienced transaction manager, we guide the entire transaction process – from the search for suitable partners to the benchmarking of all offers and the coordination of all parties involved, and finally the successful closing.

Our clearly structured processes, which focus on the closing, have proven their effectiveness and contribute to your transaction security.

We offer

  • complete transaction management on the sell-side and buy-side (sell-side / buy-side advisory)
  • more efficiency based on process, time and resource management
  • target-oriented priority management (closing-oriented)
  • benchmarking of all qualitative and quantitative factors as decision criteria
  • successful negotiation strategies

We optimize and accelerate your sales process.
You profit from our active risk management in all stages of the process.

The goal of a project development is typically the sale to an investor or operator, as both the liquidity bound by the project and the profit are only released for new exposures by the sales revenue. Due to our knowledge of the market participants, we are able to bring suitable partners together quickly – so your liquidity planning becomes reality.

The sales process requires other strengths than the project development – commercial expertise, reliable price or Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculations as well as skillful conduct of negotiations, permanent staff availability and excellent documentation are in demand. We support you with our expertise as transaction manager and contribute to the safety and success of your transaction.

We offer

  • Project analysis and preparation (compiling relevant project data for the purchase price and prearrangement of the investor approach)
  • Quantitative and qualitative project and partner benchmarking, based on current market transactions
  • Indicative project evaluation (financial modelling) and reliable IRR models
  • Vast and diversified investor network, well-coordinated and fast sales processes
  • Tailor-made and needs-based transaction documentation to suit the investors (teasers, information memoranda)

You define the selection criteria concerning the project quality and documentation. We select suitable projects and expand your management capacities.

The demand for infrastructure and real estate projects and other real assets with stable cash flow is growing – often overtaking the supply. An excellent relationship with developers is crucial for those who want to be involved in excellent projects right from the beginning.

Capcora ensures an excellent market access for you, and thus the best conditions for an efficient project acquisition. We focus your capacities on high-quality projects from reputable partners according to your individual investment criteria. As a result, you will avoid projects that are either already well-known by the market, have no market maturity or do not fit your risk-return-profile. This saves precious resources – time and money.

We offer

  • Access to a strong network of project developers and sellers
  • Analysis, preselection and presentation of suitable investment opportunities (deal sourcing) based on individual criteria
  • Indicative project evaluation (financial modelling)
  • Complete transaction management and expansion of management capacities