Our Profile

We are Capcora – Capital for Corporates and Real Assets.

We procure equity, mezzanine and debt for your energy and infrastructure projects, real estate, and medium sized companies. We enhance your efficiency and make good projects even better.

We structure project, corporate and bridge financing and secure your access to our network of institutional investors and alternative capital providers – beyond the conventional financing partners and instruments.

We monitor your purchase or sale processes (sell-side and buy-side advisory) as a transaction manager. You determine whether we take on the project management during the project development phase or later.

Capcora connects medium-sized companies with institutional investors and alternative capital providers and offers specialist expertise in the energy, infrastructure and real estate sectors as well as in corporate finance.

Sustainable cash flows make the Energy & Infrastructure asset class particularly attractive. We combine project development expertise with finance sector expertise.

In times of historically low interest rates for equity and debt, the profitability ratios of this sector are being redefined and attract enormous interest from institutional investors. This dynamic sector is characterised by high investment potential and ongoing changes and therefore requires specialist know-how and flexibility in the project phase.

We offer

  • Access to energy and infrastructure projects and their financing models
  • Bridge financing for projects in the construction phase with equity, mezzanine or debt
  • Project and transaction management for all or individual project stages
  • Financial modelling and project analysis
  • Strategy consulting and opportunity / risk analysis of projects and markets

We seek


  • Renewable energy (onshore wind energy, photovoltaics, biomass / waste to energy, etc.) and decentralized energy production
  • Grid infrastructure, energy efficiency, storage, transportation
  • Projects prior to/with granted construction permission and existing assets
  • Projects or portfolios with an investment volume of 5 million Euros and more

Country focus

  • Europe (Germany, France, Benelux, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Scandinavia)
  • North and Latin America
  • Asia

We grant access to equity and mezzanine capital as well as to capital market instruments provided by specialized partners. You benefit from a faster realisation of your projects and less pressure on your resources.

The German real estate sector is booming: Due to historically low interest rates, demand from private and institutional investors remains high for all real estate asset classes. We ensure that your need for capital during the development and construction phase does not restrict your growth.

We offer

  • Access to equity and mezzanine capital on a project and corporate level
  • Bridge financing for property acquisition and project realisation
  • Recapitalisation through subordinated asset financing
  • Investment opportunities in bridge and subordinated financing
  • Project and transaction management for all or individual project stages

We seek

Projects and transactions

  • for all real estate asset classes
  • in the German speaking area
  • for an investment volume of 10 million Euros and more
  • for financing requirements of 2 million Euros and more

You are looking for an alternative to bank financing.
We offer a true alternative through professional and specialized investors.

Capital market products, which are standardized or tailored for private investors, often cannot adequately fulfil the complex requirements of medium sized companies. Traditional solutions provided by the principal bank are usually inadequate. A real alternative is professional and specialized capital providers, who are able to evaluate the companies and their credit risks appropriately. We provide you with access to those investors, who can differentiate between equity and debt solutions.

We offer

  • Access to alternative financing solutions (mezzanine capital, private debt, promissory notes, private placements)
  • Support for expansion and bridge financing
  • Expertise in the analysis, planning and implementation of corporate and project financing
  • Closing-oriented transaction management

We seek

Medium sized companies

  • of all sectors and branches
  • in the German speaking area
  • with a sales volume of 10 million Euros and more
  • with an EBITDA of 2 million Euros and more