Your success essentially depends on the appropriate financing of your company and projects. We procure the necessary capital – on a case-by-case basis and on time. You benefit from our alternative financing methods.

Various financing paths are available for your company. But the easiest or most familiar way is not always available. Unusual projects require alternative and specialized financing solutions. Besides structuring tailor-made financing with the right partner, we save your time and liquidity resources: Our market access offers you advantages in terms of conditions, faster transactions and less pressure on your finance department, creating competitive advantage for you.

We offer

  • alternative financing solutions through equity, mezzanine or subordinated capital
  • Bridge, growth and project financing
  • Capital market and capital market-related structures

You take the next step.
We take care of capital.

You want to grow. You want to make use of short-term market opportunities. We ensure entrepreneurial freedom through access to growth capital, so you can develop new products, enter new markets or expand through company acquisitions.

We support you with the selection of suitable financing components – equity, mezzanine or debt – and help you to find the right partner, who in making his decision does not only evaluate data from the past, but also considers your growth potential.

We offer

  • Access to our vast network of alternative capital providers
  • Selection and benchmarking of financing methods and partners
  • Procurement of growth financing through equity, mezzanine, bank financing and capital market instruments
  • Creation of the required transaction documentation (teaser, information memoranda, etc.)
  • Transaction and process management until closing (financial close)

We boost your equity with mezzanine capital or optimize your bridge financing. You realize several projects simultaneously.

As a project developer, you want to use the opportunities offered by the market, but you are limited by your equity. New projects cannot wait for the revenues from previous ones. We help you to strengthen your equity or raise mezzanine, so you can advance with developing several projects at the same time.

Especially in the capital intensive development and realisation phase or prior to signing a supply and construction contract, bridge financing proves to be a time-sensitive challenge, even though the “exit” is adequately secured.

While banks require a higher self-contribution or additional securities, specialized investors from our network have the necessary expertise to vitally accelerate the due diligence and financing process.

We offer

  • Sound analysis of project requirements and prerequisites for obtaining financing
  • Access to our vast network of specialized bridge financiers and mezzanine providers
  • Preparation, structuring and documentation of transaction according to individual requirements
  • Less pressure on investors’ and borrowers’ resources

We release your committed equity.
You release hidden reserves and lay the foundation for the growth of your portfolio.

“Why should I sell?” is a question worth asking for many developers considering the low-interest environment. The generation of a portfolio of real estate and energy projects is increasingly preferable to many developers. The challenge: long-term committed capital limits the development of new projects. The solution: by means of recapitalisation, you release hidden reserves and free up equity to develop your portfolio. Subordinated mezzanine or debt capital substitute equity from existing assets.

We offer

  • Recapitalisation analysis and financial modelling
  • Access to our vast network of specialized investors with alternative financing solutions
  • Options to replace your precious equity by mezzanine or debt
  • Active transaction management for the implementation of the recapitalisation
  • Market price analysis of the portfolio, strategic consulting

We optimise project financing terms. You relieve the pressure on the resources of your finance department.

Project financing as a specific form of long-term financing has been dominated by banks for a long time. Meanwhile, institutional capital from insurers and pension funds starts to replace the traditional bank loan. We find the suitable capital provider and support you in negotiating terms and conditions. Likewise, we optimise or substitute the project financing prepared for sales transactions.

We offer

  • Analysis of projects and financing prerequisites
  • Access to our vast network of appropriate project investors (banks and alternative capital providers)
  • Financial modelling and analysis of DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) scenarios
  • Relief of resources for investors and borrowers through a central contact person